Happy Birthday To Me

  • Axl Rosenberg

Getting older sucks. Lucky for me, the good folks at Nuclear Blast Records, who are distributing Chimaira’s upcoming release RESURRECTION, decided to brighten my day with audio samples of every song that will appear on the album.

Obviously it’s difficult to say anything concrete about the disc from a bunch of 20 second samples- but the name of the game here seems to be “diversity.” We’ve already heard the title track; the others songs have appropriately upbeat names like “No Reason to Live,” “Worthless,” and “Kingdom of Heartache.” The snippet of “Six” suggests something of a pseudo-sequel to the the slower, monks-chanting metal of “Salvation,” but this is half a minute of a ten minute song, so who the hell knows where the complete track will take us. Mark Hunter’s spoken-word whispers over the track “Killing the Beast” actually suggests a return to PASS OUT EXISTENCE (which is too bad, but hopefully it will be more along the lines of a cool track from that disc like “Jade” or “Sp lit”), but the sheer speed and brutality of “The Flame” and “Needle” portent a return to the bone-crushing coolness of the band’s last disc.

Ah, well… we shall get to hear the full album soon enough…


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