• Axl Rosenberg

Yeah, dude! Velvet Revovler are a real rock n’ roll band, man! And anyone who doesn’t believe it should just shut their piehole and listen to the band members themselves. As Scott Weiland told The New York Times, “It’s a fucking rock’n’roll band. It’s dirty, raunchy… Everything a rock’n’roll band should be.” KA-POW! “Dirty!” “Raunchy!” Yeah! And then there’s this quote from Duff McKagan, from the band’s official RCA Records-sanctioned press bio: “We can’t play nice or play radio… To me, this is the first dangerous band that’s come around in a while — truly dangerous.” Yeah, man! VR don’t play nice to no radio, muthafucka! They’re “dangerous!” Yeah! ROCK N’ FUCKIN’ ROLL!

And nothing, I mean nothing, says “dirty,” “raunchy,” and “dangerous” like doing ads for fashion designer John Varvatos!

I mean, Chris Cornell did it… so it’s still totally rawk… right?


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