• Axl Rosenberg

dave_draiman_030419_281x211.jpgA couple of weeks ago, at the Lamb of God concert at the Roseland, I spotted a chick with shaved head and piercings in the back of her skull, and noted how she bore a remarkable resmblance to Disturbed’s David Draiman, only with boobs (presumably, Draiman and the girl both have vaginas, so that doesn’t really serve to differentiate them).

Then, at Friday evenging’s Shadows Fall show (Vince and I split before headliners Stone Sour took the stage because we had another engagement to get to and, well, who gives a fuck about Stone Sour?), I saw David Draiman Chick AGAIN.

Who are you, David Draiman Chick? And what motivated you to look more like he of the monkey squeals and crappy rap-rock? Maybe I have it all wrong; maybe your real inspiration is that female Cenobite from Hellraiser. In any case, please understand our fascination with you is no way sexual; we’re just, y’know, curious. If you’re reading this, drop us a line and tell us more about your bald-headed ways.


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