• Axl Rosenberg

fred_durst_l.jpgThere was an article about Fred Durst, that classy fellow, in this past Sunday’s New York Times Arts & Leisure section, as Freddy D. is in NYC promoting his directorial debut, The Education of Charlie Banks, which debuts at the currently-in-progress Tribeca Film Festival.

The article would not be at all worth reading if not for Durst’s barrage of idiotic comments (such as the declaration in this story’s headline), and the sarcastic tone of the article’s author, Mickey Rapkin (sample: when asked about whether or not he slept with Britney Spears, Durst proclaims “I learned not to kiss and tell,” to which Rapkin responds “He has told plenty; see Google.”). Also, learning that Durst’s hyperactive five-year-old son is named “Dallas” makes me giggle.

To read the entire article- including Durst’s reminiscences about the time he and Bill Clinton discussed the supernatural over beef jerky and his fear that, as a fading rock star, “At some point we might not get the V.I.P. treatment… We might just get a discount”- click here.


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