Limp BizkitA recent issue of Revolver magazine featured a retrospective on the 10 best nu-metal records that stand the test of time, signaling what true metal fans everywhere have feared; nu-metal nostalgia is coming right around the corner. Says the article, “With the exception of Eighties glam, no incarnation of hard rock has been more critically reviled — or found more chart success — than the nu-metal that dominated the airwaves during our most recent millenial shift.”

Mark my words, kids; just as the ’80s bands that couldn’t get arrested in 1993 regrouped for nostalgia package tours in the late ’90s and early ’00s, the same will happen for nu-metal soon. I’d give it another year or two before a Limp Bizkit-headlined, P.O.D supported nostalgia package hits the nation’s sheds, and here’s my logic. The reason those ’80s packages did so well was because come the late ’90s, those who were in their teens in the mid-’80s suddenly had jobs, buying power, and a wicked case of nostalgia. To put that in perspective, a 16 year-old Limp Bizkit fan in 1998 will be 26 in 2008. Why not get down with the nookie again? VH1’s I Love the ’90s series was definitely too soon, but high time ain’t far off. So dust off that old pair of Adidas, don your backwards cap, put on those jenko jeans and get rollin’. Excuse me while I go hide in a corner.


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