Dark New DayAlt-metal supergroup Dark New Day have posted a new demo on their MySpace page entitled “Fist From the Sky,” and have promised to post at least five more demos in the coming weeks. Addressing the recent announcement that Will Hunt (drums) and Troy McLawhorn (guitar) will join Evanescence as touring musicians for the band’s summer tour, guitarist and main songwriter Clint Lowery (ex-Sevendust, now touring with Korn) also posted a lengthy blog on Dark New Day’s MySpace about the current status of Dark New Day. In short, Lowery all but admits that the band members are doing these gigs for the money (“It’s a great opprtunity for Troy, Will and myself to be out there playing and taking care of our familys.” [sic]) and promises that a new album is well in the works.

On the new song: it fucking rocks. Go listen right now. Methinks someone’s been listening to Vulgar Display-era Pantera!

Clint’s blog post, in all its grammatical and spelling-bee-champion glory (gotta love rock stars!) follows after the jump.

Dear dark day day friends. As you may of heard Will and Troy are going out with evanesance. And you’ve heard I’m going out with korn this year. I’m here to say DnD will live on. We recorded some great material recently with dave bendeth and I just met with my AnR guy at our label. All of us are gonna be off in sept after family values and we will record our record them. The great thing is I’ll be out there with Troy and Will and we can continue writing with them for the new record. It’s been a hard year for us as being out of the scene soo long. But I promise all of you we will make a slamming record and it should be out in March of next year. It’s a great opprtunity for troy, will and myself to be out there playing and taking care of our familys. Music is all we know and sitting home until Sept would be hard. Brett is busy producing and Coreys writing songs and producing alot of bands. We have to survive and to I was really sad but excited to have to be the only one leaving to tour with Korn but now it’s gonna be better cuz we can be on the rode together and write and Brett and Corey will be writing so we can keep trying to top what I already feel is a strong record. Ya’ll been so patient and supportive but we will make this record. I’m just glad we’ll all be off at the same time. WE LOVE YOU AND we’ll post songs that we’ve demoed to give you new music. Fist from the sky was just a demo we did. We’ll try to put atleast 5 on there over the next few weeks.
Again we are alive and well.
God bless,
Clint still from DND

And there you have it.


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