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King's X - DogmanKing’s X are one of those rare bands that actually are unclassifiable. Their mix of hard rock, soul grooves, prog-metal and Beatles harmonies are truly classifiable in only one way, and that is to say they sound like… King’s X. Surface comparisons to Living Colour because both bands have black singers are just that, surface comparisons; though interestingly enough King’s X frontman and bass player Doug Pinnick did fill in on vocals during Living Colour’s Fall 2006 European tour when Corey Glover was unavailable.

Dogman was a special album, and to this day the band members will tell you this. After a string of good albums that didn’t garner them a whole lot of attention save the minor hit “Over My Head,” Dogman announced King’s X to the world in a big way. Right off the bat, the production jumps out; this record may have singlehandedly taken production to the next level. NOTHING sounded this crisp and clear in 1993, and the production absolutely stands the test of time in 2007. The album starts out in a big way with the heavy rocker “Dogman;” Ty Tabor’s heavy blues-metal riffs drive the song and let Doug Pinnick’s soulful wails do the dirty work. “I Pretend” and “Black the Sky” showcase the band’s groovier elements, while “Flies and Blue Skies” and “Cigarettes” are two of the most beautiful, bittersweet songs ever put to record. Ty Tabor’s trademark arpeggiated guitar atmospheres dominate, while Pinnick and drummer Jerry Gaskill lay a truly solid, grooving (can I use this word anymore? It just fits so well) foundation. Aspiring drummers and bassists take note: this is the definition of “in the pocket.” The Beatles-inspired three-part harmonies are a great touch, as on the intro to “Shoes” and in “Sunshine Rain.” This was King’s X best work. Nothing since has been quite this focused.


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