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dezfafarasm.jpgIdolator [via The Gauntlet] reports that DevilDriver’s bid to gain the title for “World’s Largest Circle Pit” in the Guinness Book of World Records has been denied. The rejection letter follows after the jump.

“Thank you for sending us the details of your recent record proposal for ‘Largest Circle Pit’. We are afraid to say that we are unable to accept this as a Guinness World Record.

“Unfortunately, as there is no way you can physically definie (sic) where any circle/mosh pit starts and ends, we cannot accept this as a category. We receive over 60,000 enquiries a year from which only a small proportion are approved by our experienced researchers to establish new categories. These are not ‘made up’ to suit an individual proposal, but rather ‘evolve’ as a result of international competition in a field, which naturally accommodates superlatives of the sort that we are interested in. We think you will appreciate that we are bound to favour those that reflect the greatest interest.

“We realize that this will be disappointing to you. However, we have considered your proposal fully; in the context of the specific subject area and that of records as a whole, and our decision is final in this matter.

“Once again thank you for your interest in Guinness World Records.”

In other news, everyone who works for the Guinness Book of World Records was murdered by Monte Connor earlier today. Connor apparently threw the staff of the fucktarded book only created to make people with small dicks feel better prestigious book into the center of a large group of people stampeding in a circular motion while screaming “NOW CAN YOU TELL WHERE A CIRCLE PIT BEGINS AND ENDS?!”


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