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412smcf45fl_aa240_.jpgActually, this album is pretty awful. I mean, the riff for “There Goes the Neighberhood” is pretty cool until Ice-T’s shitty vocals ruin it, and I appreciate the humor of the album (“KKK Bitch,” “Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight,” and “Evil Dick,” which is possibly the best expression of Man’s conflict with his own penis I’ve ever heard), but on the whole, this is a really silly album (“Bowels of the Devil” actually features the lyric “Let me tell you what the motherfucker eats”) that’s best remembered for the controversy surrounding the track “Cop Killer,” which was eventually removed from second-generation pressings of the disc (although, oddly enough, the album’s cleverly titled “Smoked Pork” prologue, in which we actually hear the cop getting killed, was allowed to remain). Really, this recording is redeemed only by one really, really good song: the power ballad “The Winner Loses,” which is the album’s requisite drug cautionary tale. The fact that Ice-T can’t sing to save his life actually kinda works given the subject matter, the anthemic chorus is pretty much guaranteed to get stuck in your head, and like half the song is a pretty sweet guitar solo by Ernie C., who shreds without ever losing his sense of structure, telling the story of the song through the solo (Ice-T uses a rollercoaster as a metaphor for overdosing, and the start of Ernie’s section does, indeed, sound like a rollercoaster).

ANYWAY, at least, like, half the dudes on this album are dead now. So that’s pretty metal I guess.


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