Wayne StaticIn the recent “Warped 2007” issue of Metal Edge magazine (I needed reading material for an airplane trip, ok?) a feature on Static-X frontman and founder Wayne Static proves what we all already know to be true: his band sucks.

He of the rubber-banded beard has a few interesting things to say. To start things off, he admits that his band’s success had more than a little bit to do with luck: “We were at the right place at the right time with the right video for the right song and everything just clicked.” Good to know you have confidence in your band’s ability, Wayne!

Mr. Static goes on to talk about the success of the band’s first record Wisconsin Death Trip and trying to get back to that sound with the new material. “Look at our first record. It’s very much one guitar riff and one drum beat songs.” Way to inspire anticipation in your readers, Wayne! That sounds AWESOME! I’m dying to relive the shitfest that was your early music.

To cap it off, Static equates his band’s longevity with Slayer; “We’re starting to get into that Slayer category. We’ve been around for so long that bands that are getting signed now Wisconsin Death Trip was the first record they ever bought when they were nine years old.” Really? These must be the shit-tards who post on Blabbermouth.


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