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  • Axl Rosenberg

20719862.jpgEven though we pride ourselves on being “smart about metal” here at MetalSucks, that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun. Enter Aye Jay Morano’s Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book. Featuring a forward by Andrew W.K. and endorsements by Metalocalypse‘s Brendon Small and the legendary Ronnie James Dio, the book includes such activities as “Hair Metal Crossword Puzzle” (in which the clues are classic song titles – should be a snap for our friend Allyson at Bring Back Glam), “Find the Matching Slayer Logos,” a “Backstage Maze” to help Spinal Tap navigate the backstage area, a “Mike Patton Scramble” (which involves unscrambling the names of all his various bands and side-projects), “How Many Words Can You Make Out Of Yngwie Malmsteen?,” “Connect the Dots and Color Dimebag’s Goatee,” “Dio’s Holy Diver Metal-Libs” (a variation on Mad Libs), and, my personal favorite, a game in which you must correctly identify all five original members of Guns N’ Roses – based solely on their skull portraits from the cover of Appetite for Destruction.

And here’s the best part: the book is only ten bucks! A must-own for metal big-kids everywhere.

(five out five horns)


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