tommy-punch.jpgIt takes real talent to be such an idiot that you make Kid Rock look good, but that’s just what Tommy Lee has done: apparently he picked a fight with Rock at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards and was promptly ejected from the event (See picture, left – note Lee’s oh-so-classy sideways baseball cap. Fred Durst would be so proud!) What the two men share in common – aside from a severe lack of talent when it comes to rapping – is, of course, mutual ex-wife Pamela Anderson. Who, wouldn’t you just know it, Tommy Lee also likes to hit.

In any case, Kid Suck shouldn’t be too peeved – not only was he allowed to remain at the awards, but apparently he threw the only punches that landed.


P.S. Remember when Vince Neil socked Izzy Stradlin at the VMAs all those years ago, and then he and Axl Rose talked about duking it out over the airwaves? And remember how Kid Rock showed up at the last GN’R gig at the Hammerstein Ballroom last May to play “Nightrain” with Axl? Maybe Tommy and Vince could have a tag team match with Axl and Rock! Oh, wait. Vince Neil hates Tommy Lee, too. Oh well. 

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