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028.jpgCurrent Guns N’ Roses axe slinger Bumblefoot – not to be confused with his predecessor, Buckethead – has given a lengthy interview about his first year in the band, which is currently being hosted by GN’R fansite Here Today, Gone to Hell – a site which, though “unofficial,” has been known for having some connection with Axl Rose and his management team in recent years (and therefore deleting negative comments posted about the band on their message board).

The interview is generally just BF (real name: Ron Thal) repeating the same anecdotes he has in every interview since joining the band – he was recommended to them by Joe Satriani, etc. – but also features some pretty hysterical non-comments and self editing on the part of the virtuoso.

Take this gem of a response, for example, in response to the inevitable “What’s next for GN’R?” query:

“I can not talk about future plans or anything like that. Those things need to come out when the time is right and everything is confirmed, so… That question I cannot answer. That question will be answered, though, in time, by the right people, and I’m looking forward to things coming up… I think whatever is going to happen is meant to happen.”

“That question will be answered, though, in time, by the right people.” Sheesh. That’s such a bullshit toying of words you’d think this guy worked for the Bush administration.

For everyone who actually has a life (e.g., everyone who is not me), the GN’R boards everywhere are currently aflutter with rumors that Chinese Democracy is finally coming out in November after the band’s drum tech allegedly e-mailed a random fan and told him so. But that should strike any logical person as being about as credible a source for information as The Weekly World News, so for now, I hope everyone continues to enjoy those demos that leaked earlier this year.


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