Ddddaaaammmmnnnnn. Who says rappers have all the fun? Two more interesting throwdowns between some of metal’s finest have developed in the last twenty-four hours.

  • In an interview with Metal-Rules.com, DevilDriver vocalist Dez Fafara says this of last year’s canceled tour with the legendary Venom: “Those are heroes of mine and what happened is they postponed their tour TWICE, and as soon as they called us back and said, ‘Okay, NOW we’re ready to go. Are you going to do the tour?’ We said, ‘Well no. We’ve already got Australia booked”’ and then they went on Sirius radio and said some extremely negative things about me and so now, if I ever see that fucking singer [Cronos], I don’t care if he’s a legend, I’m going to fucking grab him by the throat and teach him what responsibility is all about… I owe that motherfucker a lashing. He’s nothing but an old man that should have never said shit about DevilDriver… I don’t care what a legend he is or thinks he is but when I see him, I’m fucking going to confront him physically.” I’m pretty sure Fafara could, in fact, kick Cronos’ ass, but maybe if Cronos just starts screaming about “Korn Chamber,” Fafara will run away crying.
  • Celebrity-signing has captured video of Ronnie James Dio talking shit about his old guitar player, current Def Leppard axe man Vivian Campbell, declaring “I hope he fucking dies.” Dio’s comments are apparently in response to Campbell talking some smack about him in a past interview, where he referred to the Creator of the Horns as “vile.” But the thought of the diminutive vocalist duking it out with the effeminate guitarist is almost too funny to bear. [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/zOwZBo8FQvo" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

If this shit keeps up, the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards are gonna start to seem like the Source Awards, yo. People be doin’ drive-bys and shit. Ddddaaaammmmnnnnn.


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