• Axl Rosenberg

JEFF WALKER HINTS AT MORE CARCASS REUNION SHOWSDid I mention I’m excited for the Carcass reunion? Oh man, am I excited. And now that Blabbermouth has nabbed an exclusive interview with Jeff Walker about the reunion, I’m twice as excited. The interview covers a range of topics, including how the reunion came about, accusations that the reunion is little more than a “cash in,” and, most enticingly, hints that the 2008 edition of Germany’s Wacken Open Air Festival won’t be the only gig on the re-formed band’s agenda:

“Let’s just say that two other festivals [besides Wacken] should be making an announcement when they’re good and ready. I imagine about five or six at the most European festivals next summer due to the “politics” involved and the competition that’s realistically the most we can do. The idea is we’ll see what comes up and how it goes. We’ve got an opportunity to go to Israel, we can do South America, Southeast Asia… We just want to have some fun and go to some cool exotic places that we didn’t get to do before. You know, this is just “organic” — it will provide its own momentum.

“As for the USA, that’s a tough cookie — it would be nice to do something that actually excites us. You know, ultimately things like Wacken are more an “event” and not just another show on the same old circuit.”

It’s difficult for me to imagine that there’s won’t be a US tour at some point, especially if the band really believes there’s dollars to be made. That being said, Vince and I fully intend to return to the Download festival in June; I have to assume that Carcass will be on the bill, and it won’t take a trip to Germany for us to get to check ’em out…


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