BloodsimpleApparently Bloodsimple hate me. It’s a pretty funny story. I wrote an article when the band released three new songs for streaming this past September, and then by a weird coincidence had a meeting with their manager about something unrelated the very next day — on the set of their video shoot! After being introduced to the band, I was asked by someone on their management team if I was indeed the revered Vince Neilstein, to which I stupidly replied that yes, in fact I was. I then stood around awkwardly waiting for the manager to be freed up, minding my own business while the band members gave me the cold shoulder. Later on I found out that they were PISSED with a big capital P that I was even there at all.

Apparently they were offended that, as I wrote, “I enjoyed Bloodsimple’s first album,” and that the new stuff had “some cool riffs.” Terrible words, I know. All in all, the article was admittedly a pretty mediocre review, but I certainly didn’t slam the band (have you SEEN some of the ways we’ve slammed bands on here??) and presented everything as my personal opinion. I also mentioned that their MySpace page was clogged with a bazillion annoying widgets (it was) and that it didn’t even list the names of the band members (it didn’t); apparently they took my advice, cause their new MySpace looks awesome AND it lists the band members! How ’bout that.

So, Bloodsimple, how’s this: I’m enjoying your new stuff. There are some sick riffs. “Dead Man Walking” is possibly the best song you’ve written — good shit. “Out To Get You” is pretty good too. Actually, there’s some damn good playing throughout this record, but at the end of the day Bloodsimple ain’t the second coming of Metallica. And, as I stated in my prior article, their stuff sometimes veers a bit close to nu metal for my personal taste. And that’s that. Can we please kiss and make up now?

Oh yeah; Bloodsimple’s new album is available for streaming in its entirety, after the jump:


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