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The Trouble with Tribbett: Mudvayne Guitarist Leaves Hellyeah

  • Axl Rosenberg

Tribbett and Bobzilla Leave HellyeahMudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbett has parted ways Hellyeah. This is interesting only because his Mudvayne bandmate, vocalist Chad Gray, is still in Hellyeah. This is bound to raise suspicion that there might be some tension between Tribbett and Gray, which would put us one step further away from a Mudvayne reunion. This isn’t the world’s greatest tragedy, obviously, but I do think Mudvayne were good more often than they were bad. And also, anything that forces Hellyeah to take a hiatus is a okay in my book. If you had told me when their first album came out that they’d still be doing this seven years later, I would have assumed you were smoking crack. And people ask me why I’m so pessimistic.

Oh, hellyeah, before I forget, that Bobzilla guy is also out of the band. I don’t think anyone will really notice because his only other notable credit was being in Damageplan. Also because he calls himself “Bobzilla.” But I thought I should mention it. He’s been replaced by Kyle Sanders from Bloodsimple (he’s also the brother of Mastodon’s Troy Sanders).

So that happened.

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