• Axl Rosenberg

I’ve heard 5:30 Saturday Morning, the debut album Lennon (né Lennon Murphy) released back around ’99/2000, and it basically sounds like Tori Amos playing Korn, which is to say, it sounds like Evanescence but pre-dates Evanescence by a few years. I guess the word to describe it, then, would be “unremarkable.”

So I was more than a little surprised to find out that Lennon is working on a new album with Jason Suecof, the producer du jour who made his name working with such distinctly un-Lennonish bands as Trivium, Chimaira, and God Forbid (to say nothing of his own project, the comedic metal outfit Crotchduster). I don’t know if that means that Lennon wants to go heavier with her music of that Suecof decided that Dave Fortman’s Amy Lee-shaped pool would be a nice addition to his own home, so I guess we’ll all have to adopt a wait-and-see approach on this one.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lennon, here’s the video for her song “My Beautiful.” Although the song appeared in a distinctly more nu-metal form on 5:30, apparently she re-recorded a different version (called “Where Do I Fit In?”) for a later album. Still, I think it illustrates the completely fucking bizarre nature of the fact that she’s now hooked up with Suecof.

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Stay tuned next week for the announcement that Erik Rutan is producing the new Michelle Branch album.


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