Confirmed: Job For a Cowboy are Making a New Album!


Rumors that Job For a Cowboy are getting ready to reactivate after years of silence began picking up steam last year when the band shared a news post on social media quoting an anonymous source. Then, this past May, the band posted a clip from the 1995 movie version of Mortal Kombat, features the character Shang Tsung (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) screaming the phrase “IT HAS BEGUN!” Which led fans to believe… well, you know.

Now we know for 100% really real that things are happening: in a recent episode of The Ex-Man with Doc Coyle, producer Jason Suecof — who has worked with the band on all three albums starting with Ruination (2009) — revealed he was supposed to be producing a new one, too, but things have been moved back due to the coronavirus.

At the very beginning of the interview portion of the podcast, starting at 15:30, Doc opens with “So, what’s going on buddy?” And Suecof answered as follows:

“I am working on a little Necro pre-pro. Supposed to be recording Job For a Cowboy right now but, ya know, the apocalypse and all.”

Doc responded by sharing a commonly held belief (in certain circles, anyway), that the band got better and better with every release despite getting less popular, to which Suecof said:

“Whose fault is that? I hope nobody’s. And more importantly I feel like the last album they did was a good one for ’em because everyone was into the bass tone. I’ve enjoyed doing every one of their albums. They’re probably one of my favorites. It’s always better when you’re doing something that you’re 100% into, you know?”

Job For a Cowboy went on hiatus after releasing Sun Eater in 2014 and never toured in support of the album. The band’s current lineup, according to Wikipedia, consists of vocalist Jonny Davy, guitarists Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro and bassist Nick Schendzielos.

Listen to the full interview with Jason Suecof here.

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