• Axl Rosenberg

metridium.jpgAlright. Whose ass do I kick for having never introduced me to Giant Squid? ‘Cause with all due respect to Mr. Vince Neilstein’s newfound love of Sikth, last night I discovered Metridium Fields, Giant Squid’s 2006 debut for The End. And this shit is the real deal Kool Aid.

I’m not even sure how to describe the band’s music. Male vocalist Aaron Gregory sure sounds an awful lot like Serj Tankian, but Giant Squid are no SOAD wanna-bes; the music is slow, but I’d hesitate to call it doomy or even moody; there’s definitely some prog elements, but not in a super-dorky Dream Theater kinda way; and if I use the word “sludge,” I fear some of you may conjure images of Crowbar and their ilk. Nor is the music as rage filled as Rwake, although, like that excellent band, there is a totally unexpected use of banjos, organs, etc. I imagine stoners will eat this shit up like a pot brownie, but, hand to God, I was totally sober last night and my mind was still blown. I think maybe the best band I could compare them to is Jucifer, but they’re much more full-bodied than that particular duo.

And, oh yeah, the cover art by Aurielle Gregory – Aaron’s wife – is friggin’ gorgeous.

ANYWAY, while I continue to have my mind blown and kick myself for not having heard this album last year when I should have – seriously, I’m contemplating buying a record player just so I can buy their new 7″ split with Grayceon – you should head over to their MySpace page and check ’em out, or, if you’re really too lazy to do that, watch the below video of them performing their song “Neonate” in Texas last year.

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