The clock struck 7pm sharp and Warbringer wasted no time, launching right into their abbreviated set and taking advantage of every minute of their alloted time slot. It’s not easy being up first on a four-band bill featuring established acts like Arsis and Goatwhore and legends like Exodus, and it’s also not easy being by far the youngest. But Warbringer did a fine job, rocking the 100 or so folks who had shown up early to catch their set of non-stop vintage thrash.

Warbringer’s approach to thrash is pure and full of energy, and so was their show. I imagine that seeing Warbringer’s raw show at this early stage in their career is akin to having seen Anthrax in the early ’80s, minus the posh club, $7 beers, and touristy midtown locale. The band seemed slightly green on stage, but it didn’t hinder their enthusiasm and certainly didn’t dampen their spirits or interaction with the audience. By all accounts, Warbringer seemed absolutely psyched to have the opportunity to be there. Frontman John Kevill addressed and thanked the kids up front numerous times — all in metal-growl character, mind you — and was more than happy to oblige to physical requests for high-fives from eager fans. What the band lacked in stage experience they made up for in attitude, despite a less than ideal stage time and a crappy sound mix that made it difficult to pick out the guitar parts at all.

Warbringer’s excitement was palpable even off the stage. Kevill, whom Arsis bassist Noah Martin later described to us as “Quite the bodacious ladies man. The gnarliest California bro you’ve ever met!” lived up to his reputation; yours truly spotted him right after their set, leaving the bar with drinks in hand and two bodacious ladies in tow. Ah, the pleasures of the road.

To me, Warbringer are one of the more interesting bands in the current thrash revival if for their young enthusiasm and pure approach to the music. Watching the band play gave me the impression it’s their first shot and they’re playing the music they love, as opposed to a band of season vets giving it another go with a more calculated approach to what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Once the band gets some more touring experience under their belt they will be a fine act to watch.

Warbringer’s debut full-length for Century Media entitled War Without End hits stores today (read our review here, and then you’ll wanting to order it here). Their previous EP One By One The Wicked Fall is available in its entirety for free download right here on MetalSucks.


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