MetalSucks reader John Forrester, a U.S. soldier stationed in Iraq, won us over a few months ago when he won our Dethklok contest by telling us a story about how he withstood a mortar attack in his bunker in Iraq while listening to the brutality of the ‘Klok. So we were pretty psyched when John emailed us this morning (way to stay alive, dude!) with his listening choices for this fine day. While some of his choices are dubious, some of ’em are right on and all of ’em are damn funny. So here’s his email in its entirety:

so you guys remeber me right..crazy guy iraq mortar dethklok….lol anywho so i was sitting here thinking that its valentines day and all, sitting over here sucks. no women for one nighters at a random bar to quench my thirst for something on this shit hole of a day. so i came up with a list of top ten songs for valentines day to drink your misery away..

10. Cheap Wine and Cheaper Women- Airbourne HA This is just a great song for partying and if I had women around at the party I would still play this!
9. November Rain- G n R Classic it just needs to be listened to for one reason, your life is not as bad as Axls was, is, or ever will be!
8. You give love a Bad Name- Atreyu ( Cover) good song band made it better for one reason passion in the vocals
7. What have you Done- Within Temptation- This song makes me wonder should i get married or even try to look for a girl
6. Die Die Die My Darling- Metallica ( Cover) I dont think I need to explain this!
5. Hard Fucking/Fuck Her Gently- Tenacious D- If I did go to a bar and find a random dame I would play some metal and go all night Hard style!
4. The End of A Heartache- Killswitch Engage – This song is just a great overall hit you in the gut metal song
3. No Way Out- Bullet For My Valentine- Well listen to the lyrics and then let me know what you think… it makes me think of past relationships.
2. A Little Piece Of Heaven- Avenged Sevenfold- HAHAHAHA I kill you then you kill me then we get married…sounds cool lets do it…TWISTED!!!!
1. This Love- PANTERA!- The fuck you of all songs. Listen to them in order and then play this louder than the rest and you must head bang if you dont just die, this song will make you feel a lot better.
Honorable Mention- Revenge I Seek- Bleeding Through I used this as my intro for boxing. Made people think I was crazy! Woo

Also you must take a shot of your favorite alcohol with each song. Trust me you will feel better! Anywho guys i just thought this would be a good thing for the site. Funny and maybe it will get some people talking about shit. Im thinking of doing a Top Ten songs to listen to before you go kick a door down.??? I did this for the last 2 weeks! now a break woooo 106 days til the states! later doods! Stay Brutal!

Top Ten songs to listen to before you go kick a door down? Count us in. Send it on, John!


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