van_crash-1.jpgJoining recent car accident alums Arsis and The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravangaza, Genghis Tron crashed their van in Ohio yesterday, Lambgoat reports. A statement reads as follows:

“While traveling north on I-71 through Ohio this afternoon, we got into a wreck on the highway. We were about 90 miles North of Columbus when, very inexplicably, the right rear wheel of our van completely FELL OFF, sending our van and trailer flying out of control. Not just the tire — the whole wheel.

“We spun around on 3 wheels and an axel rotor, miraculously avoiding a collision with any of the five or so cars barelling towards us, before landing (backwards) in a ditch in the median.

“The most important thing is that everyone is totally OK. Given that we were going 60+ MPH and got into a highway accident during high-traffic hours, this is amazing, and we’re very lucky. Our gear also seems to be mostly OK, and neither our van nor trailer were totalled — BUT both are severely damaged, NOT drivable, and in need of serious repairs. We canceled our shows tonight (Butler PA) and Friday (Philly). Hopefully things can get fixed and on track in time for our next scheduled show, which is around a week away.

“And now the inevitable. For those kind souls with an extra dollar in their pockets, we are accepting donations, which can be made through Paypal to the address [email protected] You can also go to our Myspace page and click the “DONATE” button, right below the blog posts area.

“Any amount that ANYONE could give to chip in to our costly repairs, towing, and transportation would be incredibly helpful. As is, we were already beneath a sizable chunk of debt and this accident is only going to make it worse, blah blah blah. Our trailer was brand new, fresh out of the factory for less than ten days…”

We’re glad the band is okay, and, from a more selfish perspective, that they’ll still be able to play their show here in NYC next month with Converge, The Red Chord and Baroness.

Rock on, Genghis Tron.


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