I have nothing but nice things to say about Through the Eyes of the Dead’s latest release, last year’s Malice (read my review here), which is why I wanna make it clear that the above headline is not meant to be taken in the usual MetalSucksian snarky tone. In fact, I was really, really saddened when Lambgoat reported over the weekend that guitarist Richard Turbeville had quit the band to focus on another group, From Graves of Valor:

“It was nothing personal against any of those guys and I don’t hate them. I just have too many other things going on in my life right now that are more important to me. Plus musically, I feel that I fit in much better playing in Graves of Valor. Me and those dudes go way back and I feel like everything is more solid playing with them. Anyways, so that’s what I chose to do.”

The band is already on their third singer in a year and may or may not have also lost their second drummer in under six months. In fact, the photo above you in no way, shape or form reflects the band’s current line-up, such as it is.

Man, I fuckin’ love this band and still haven’t gotten to see them live; they are definitely one of the better young death metal bands out there. I hope they can get past their line-up woes and back out onto the road, where they belong.


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