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Metal Mommies

This is another one of those “jesus christ, the Internet is amazing” moments (Thanks to MetalSucks reader Leo L. for the tip). Yes, there is actually a website called MetalMommies.com, and yes, it’s for moms who like metal and was started by a mom who, oddly enough, loves metal (from Mommyville, New Jersey. Where else?). And though the forum has a whopping total of 28 posts, I’d imagine that once metal mommies worldwide get wind of this site they’ll be well on their way to rocking the cradle. From the mission statement on the Metal Mommies MySpace page:

Life changed 3 years ago when my daughter was born. I met tons of other mom’s [sic] but none of them were really like me. I am a fan of metal! I decided to start Metal Mommies so other mom’s [sic] like me could have an online community. A community where you can talk about your love of metal music but also talk about your kids. The website is in the works. I am planning on a April 1, 2008 launch date. I will keep you all posted.

That says it all, doesn’t it? Stay tuned for the prospective May launch of Metal Daddies, hosted by infamous MetalSucks commenter Sammy. It’ll be like a Dream Theater show; all sausages.


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