Well, this is fucktarded.

Sepultura have announced a new contest, “Be A Part Of The Next Sepultura Record.” Said contest will allow fans to submit a single sentence or catch phrase related to Anthony Burgess’ novel A Clockwork Orange – the basis for the band’s new album – and the winning phrase or sentence will be used for a song that the band will write and record in 24 hours and then include on their forthcoming album.

First of all, I just think the whole idea of this contest is idiotic to begin with. But for argument’s sake, let’s pretend that it is, in fact, neat-o to be able to name a Sep song or supply Derrick Green with a lyric or whatever. Why is the band limiting themselves to 24 hours to create this song? What if it takes 36 hours to write something decent? Wouldn’t it be better not to set such a strict time limit if it makes the difference between having a shitty track and a decent one on their new album? Unless the band is cheating and already has a song written and is just searching for the perfect phrase to insert into their lyrics. But that would make this contest a sham, and Sepultura would never manipulate their fans that way… right?

ANYWAY, my entry is “A Bit of the Old In n’ Out Burger.” Now that’s a fuckin’ winner right there.


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