• Axl Rosenberg

In all fairness, our platonic hetero life partners over at Metal Injection introduced us to our favorite unsigned band, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, not the other way around. Hopefully some day we’ll be able to return the favor by discovering some awesome act called IBLEWAGOATTWICE or something like that.

ANYWAY, the MI dudes were also at the awesome IWABO show last week, and they interviewed the band shortly after the gig (they weren’t able to get any performance footage because a certain gigantic corporate promoter that has an illegal monopoly over the concert business wanted an obscene amount of money to let them film). Kind of unusually for an MI interview, everyone in this video appears to be more or less sober (“more or less” being the operative phrase here).

Check out the interview below. And remember, there’s always lots of more super duper sweet vids at Metal Injection.


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