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Hey, that rhymes!

So Bleeding Through have posted a new song, the clunkily titled “Orange County Blonde and Blue,” on their MySpace page. It comes from their new album, Declaration, which may or may not come out in September – I imagine it will come to down to whether or not the band clears up their beef with Trustkill.

When I listened to this song over the weekend, I thought it was much better than most of the stuff I’ve heard from this group in the past. Then again, it was produced by Devin Townsend and I was very, very, VERY drunk, so it had kind of a natural advantage over all past Bleeding Through songs.

And by the way, I’ve decided that from now on, if I have to post a graphic for Bleeding Through, it’s going to be a pic of Marta, preferably showing some cleavage (luckily, those kinds of pics aren’t hard to come by). I hope you all enjoy them.


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