Yesterday an advanced copy of the album by a certain nu metal band that shall go unnamed arrived at the MetalSucks Mansion. “Why the fuck would they send us this?” Vince wondered aloud, noting that we have never, ever, ever had anything nice to say about this particular group.

“Dude,” I countered, “At least we write about them. That’s more than I can say for most sites.”

Which got me to thinking: is there no one carrying the nu metal torch?

Now, let me clarify for a second: I’m not saying I have any particular desire to see nu metal live on and on forever. But we all know, for example, people who never let the dream of hair metal die. I don’t mean they still like certain hair metal bands the way Vince and I do – I mean they really, really hope that Cinderella finally get around to recording a new studio album some day, they eagerly anticipate Poison’s annual shed package tours, they booked their tickets to Rocklahoma, maybe they even write a column for this website or have a website of their own. I’m not judging these people, mind you – I’m just using them as an example of people whose first love was a particular brand of heavy rock that’s not really in fashion anymore, and who don’t give a shit. They love their music and they’re gonna get the word out any which way they can.

But I can’t seem to find any Metal Sludge-esque websites devoted in any sort of way to nu metal. I know – know, know, KNOW – that, the same way there were dudes out there who were really hoping for a Dangerous Toys revival, there are people who still pine for the days of doin’ it all for the nookie.

So why no website? Is the music that loathed? Is there no nu metal fan willing to get off his ass and throw a little publicity Edsel Dope’s way? Or is it that, in a sad way, nu metal never really died (see the ongoing success of Linkin Park, Disturbed, Korn, etc.)?

I have no friggin’ idea what the answer is. In the meantime, I suspect certain nu metal bands will be supplying Vince and I with the prizes for “Win a Free Drink Coaster” contests for years to come.


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