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Buckcherry have a history of releasing controversial and insanely catchy first singles, and their latest effort “Too Drunk To Fuck” (download here) is no different. While “Too Drunk…” (as the PG version is called) doesn’t have the same “holy shit I need to hear this again right now” factor of “Lit Up” or “Crazy Bitch,” — the lead singles from Buckcherry and 15 respectively — it’s a catchy, bluesy rocker that will no doubt light up radio request lines across the country. Of course, it’s got some pretty racy (and funny) lyrics too, but I’m wondering why the video features a huggable fat dude instead of naked strippers. Hey, guys: boobs sell records! The unit-shifting power of drunk fat dudes remains to be proven, though Blues Traveler did manage to sell a bajillion records… so there goes that theory.

ANWAY, the track comes off of their new album Black Butterfly, slated to be released September 16. After the Cinderella story that was the success of the all-around phenomenal 15, will Black Butterfly deliver another smash for a band that everyone left for dead just 2 years ago? Check out the new video below.


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