OH-PUN FLAME BBQ CONTEST: THE WINNER!I have to hand it to you guys; ya’ll are some clever motherfuckers. We asked you to come up with BBQ-related puns of metal bands, albums or songs, and you delivered. So much so that we had a damn hard time choosing just 1 winner! I wish I could hug all of you, but this is not little league and only one of you can win the following prize pack:

Graveyard BBQ – Greatest Hits Vol. II
Filter – Anthems For the Damned
Kataklysm – Prevail
Sepultura – The Best of Sepultura
Early Man – Closing In
The Sword – Gods Of The Earth

Here are some of our favorite entries:

  • Toxic BBQSauce (Toxic Holocaust)
  • Gastodon
  • Helmeat – Meattime
  • Epicuredmeat (Epicurean)
  • As I Lay Frying (also: As I Filet Dying)
  • Bun of Osiris
  • The Grillinger Escape Plan
  • Iron Marinaden
  • Killswitch Engage -Alive Or Just Preheating
  • Chimaira – The Impossibility Of Seasoning
  • Kingsford-X

And the list goes on; seriously, there were so many A+ entries. But only one can win, and the winner is…

  • Conor: “Protest The Gyro”

Seriously dude, that is some kind of brilliant, outside-the-box thinking! But I have to hand it to bmwtech for “Kingsford X.” A close 2nd. Conor will get his prize package in the mail soon. Congrats!

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