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WIGGER SLAM!The otherwise respectable reporters over at Metal Inquisition have had a hard-on for Wigger Slam, a metal sub-genre of dubious origin (see: Wikipedia), for… Well, pretty much since the site launched early this year. I can’t say as I get what all the hubbub is about — to these ears, wigger slam is basically just another, less cringe-inducing name for a genre we’ve all grown to hate — deathcore — with an occasional nu-metal influence — as if this is supposed to be a good thing.

So… What the dillio? Am I missing something profound by failing to see the appeal of suburban white boys in sideways painter caps and ridiculous gauges in their ears who site both Napalm Death and Korn as influences? (see: the Deathcore feature in the most recent issue of Revolver). Or am I too old to understand?


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