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  • Axl Rosenberg


Holy shit, it’s fucking October already? What the fuck? Weren’t we just talking about all the summer festivals, like, yesterday? Sheesh.

ANYWAY, I mention it because Unearth’s new album, The March, drops October 14 on Metal Blade, which just a couple of weeks away. So it’s time for the band’s promotional machine to kick into overdrive, and they’ve started by posting another new song, “We Are Not Anonymous,” on the band’s MySpace page. Like “My Will Be Done,” the other new song the band has already unveiled (and which is also streaming on MySpace, in case ya missed it the first time), it’s a shreddy, catchy, breakdownalicious slice of metalcore. In other words, it’s classic Unearth.

I don’t know if this album is gonna reinvent the wheel – in fact, it clearly won’t – but I am fairly certain it’ll rock your panties off. And it reunites the band with producer Adam D., so, y’know, that’s fun.


P.S. Re: the above photo… what an odd tramp stamp to get. Can you imagine if you were hittin’ that and you kept looking down to read Unearth lyrics? And wouldn’t be you tempted to scream out “No, I’ve known a girl’s ass before, but that was a bold claim?”

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