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  • Axl Rosenberg

Daath have unleashed a new song, “Sharpen the Blades,” which will appear on their sophomore album, The Concealers, sometime in ’09. What immediately struck me about the track is how it’s much more in line with traditionalist death metal than most of the material from the band’s last album, The Hinderers, which was more in line with modern American melodic death metal trends (see: DevilDriver, etc.). But it also seems like a more complex, intricate piece of work than anything I’ve heard the band do in the past.

Also worth mentioning: drummer Kevin Talley is still the fucking man. He can play as fast as anyone but his parts tend to be somewhat more creative (e.g., not metal by numbers) than most of his peers, which is why he’s so much damn fun to listen to.

Check out “Sharpen the Blades” below and weigh in in our comments section.


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