Reunion Mania



farIn the “actually didn’t see this one coming” department, a press release tells us that Sacramento post-hardcore pioneers Far have reunited. The band played two secret shows last week in California and have a string of dates lined up in the UK for November; they’ve also recorded a cover of Ginuwine’s “Pony” under the pseudonym Hot Little Pony, which is now streaming on the Hot Little Pony MySpace page.

Oh, what’s that, you don’t know who Far is? Poseurs. Look it up.

Anyway, the band’s choice to cover a, um, Ginuwine song as their “comeback” is curious, but hopefully this will lead to something good like a new album. Unlike, say, At the Gates or Carcass, I feel like Far could and should make a new record that will be both good and relevant in 2008/2009. Water and Solutions totally changed my perspective on post-hardcore when I got into it, albeit a few years after it came out, and anything Far does now will be infinitely better than Onelinedrawing or Will Haven.

2008 is turning into something of a banner year for classic post-hardcore bands reuniting, whatwith Rival Schools and now Far getting back together. What’s next, Quicksand? Hint, hint.


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