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creedThe Webernet rumor mill has been aflutter in recent weeks with the news that two of the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin — Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones — would like to take the band out on the road following their massively successful 2007 reunion concert. The late John Bonham’s son Jason, who participated in the reunion show, would likely sit on the drummer’s throne, but singer Robert Plant has publicly stated he isn’t interested, instead opting to continue making bland alt-country music for the NPR / Starbcuks set with crooner Allison Krause.

All this begs the question: if Plant does indeed decline, who would take his place? Various names have been bandied about — Steven Tyler and Chris Cornell among them, and the latest, petrifying, scary and frightening choice: Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge.

Before you Alter Bridge lovers jump on me as a hater, let me say this: Kennedy is a good singer. Actually, he’s exceptionally talented, and would probably do a decent job filling in. Naturally, no one could fill Plant’s shoes adequately, and for that reason I’m against any Plant-less Led Zeppelin tour. But consider the other consequences; if Kennedy leaves Alter Bridge the remaining three members of that band, who also happen to have sold gazillions of records with a little band called Creed, would be left hanging and jobless. Last I checked, Scott Stapp ain’t doing shit at the moment and could probably use a paycheck or two. If Myles Kennedy joins Led Zeppelin, a Creed reunion would almost certainly come to fruition. And for the sake of our eardrums and all that is good in the world of music, this absolutely under any circumstances must not happen.

Friends, join me in the fight against bad music by voting NO to Proposition Myles Kennedy + Led Zeppelin. These past four Creed-less years have been fantastic. Let’s keep the good times rollin’. At least until Limp Bizkit release a new record.


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