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Several weeks ago marked a momentous occasion: metalGF’s first ever metal show. The show in question was Sevendust at Irving Plaza; I figured what better introduction to the world of metal shows than one of the best live bands on the planet, even if not the most brutal? She had lots of fun, methinks, and made some funny observations (among them a fascination with mosh-pit culture).

After the show, metalgf remarked on drummer Morgan Rose — whom I’d told her to pay attention to because, ya know, he’s awesome — “He’s jewish, right? He has such a familiar face.” And this is a question I’ve myself often wondered. After the jump we take a look at this burning question and examine the physical evidence.

Please reference the above annotated diagram.

1. The Jew shnoz. Note the hooked nose and elongated nostrils.

2. Big floppy grandpa ears. Self-explanatory.

3. Look at that shayna punim!! Don’t you just want to grab him by the cheeks? What a face!

All signs point to yes. The surname Rose could very well be the shortened version of Rosen or Rosenfeld, chopped down somewhere along the line to save good ol’ Morgan’s relatives from persecution overseas.

So what do we think? Does anyone with insider knowledge care to comment on this matter? Let the truth be known.


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