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powerman 5000Not in the “OMG PM5K rulez!!!” kind of way; in fact, I don’t own and haven’t even heard any of their full albums. But in the “when the song comes on the radio I don’t change it, and I kind of enjoy it” type of way. In fact, just yesterday their early-oughts hit “Free” came on in my iTunes, and I quite enjoyed it. And their new track “Super Villain,” available on their MySpace page, is full of just the same kind of straight-ahead industrial rock goodness. Nothing new, high-brow or experimental here; it’s just fun. If you’re a Rob Zombie fan there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy these dudes, family relations aside.

The rap in the middle of the song is inexcusable. Inexcusable. But we’ll just have to excuse that for now. “Super Villain” comes from an in-the-works album with a release date and name TBA.


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