I feel bad for anyone who hasn’t seen Gojira live. This band is inhuman. I seriously have no fucking idea how they do what they do. Fuck, we watched them blow In Flames off the stage on Sunday night, and we fucking love In Flames. That’s how fucking good Gojira are live.

ANYWAY, a few hours before said destruction of In Flames, Vince and I got to interview Gojira guitarist/vocalist Joe Duplantier, who is such a nice fucking guy that he actually made me hate myself a little for being such a prick. Duplantier had a lot of really interesting things to say, and we’ll publish the interview as soon as the MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys finish transcribing it (Yes, we’ve trained monkeys to understand English and to type.). But after the interview, Duplantier – who, as you probably no, is an avid environmentalist – asked us if we could mention something about an environmental group called Sea Shepherd, who are devoted to the protection of the world’s whale population.

Here’s what Duplantier wrote about the group on Gojira’s MySpace blog:

“It was great to meet Amy Baird from Sea Shepherd in Seattle on our US tour and get to know more about their current activities and needs. We talked about a way Gojira could collaborate with Sea Shepherd and help turn more people onto the cause. They are a non-violent organization, and yet they efficiently and directly take action to defend and protect the oceans wildlife worldwide. The best way to help them is to make a donation on their website : www.seashepherd.org.You will also get all the information about them and the details of their campaigns from the website listed.

“Thank you Sea Shepherd and thank you to all those who decide to give their support.”

Duplantier told us that next year the band would be recording a new, exclusive song which will be sold on iTunes, with the proceeds going to Sea Shepherd. For once, you will want to avoid your instinct to illegally download something and fork over the whopping ninety-nine cents.

You can find more info on Sea Shepherd here.


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