Well… happy friggin’ new year, everyone. We gots some catchin’ up to do.

As Dillinger Escape Plan fans may have heard by now, the band has hired some dude no one has ever heard of, Billy Rymer from The Rivalry, to replace Gil Sharone, who, in turn, replaced founding drummer Chris Pennie for 2007’s orgasm-inducing Ire Works and all subsequent touring for that album. Now, I know that Sharone’s departure may worry the DEP faithful – the dude was not only an awesome drummer, but watching how chill he always was live, even while playing some retardedly complex drum parts, would seem to suggest that he may very well be a god amongst men (or at least drummers). Hell, even DEP front dude Greg Puciato told us that Sharone is like “the kid in school who always gets good grades just because he’s naturally fucking super gifted.”

But here’s the thing.

Once upon a time, everyone was real worried about Chris Pennie leaving DEP, too. And then we got Sharone.

My simple point is: DEP can survive with a new drummer. If ever there was a band who you should trust to make the right decision when it comes to line-up changes, it’s DEP. So let’s all just chill until we hear what Rymer is capable of. A bio on Rymer’s website says he’s done session work for everyone from 311 to Alien Ant Farm to Kelly Clarkson to The Jonas Brothers, and while I hate all of those bands, the fact that everyone was willing to pay the dude would suggest a talent of Josh Freesian proportions.

‘Cause I really think a much more interesting question to ponder right now is not “Can DEP survive with yet another drummer?”, but, rather, “What is the new DEP album gonna sound like?” Are we gonna get some more of that oh so sweet poppy stuff that populated about half of Ire Works, or more traditionalist Calculating Infinity-esque mathcore, or both? Or – gasp! – something brand new altogether?!?!?!

I dunno. But I’m excited to find out.

While we’re waiting, here’s Billy Rymer playing a song called “Unforgivable” with his old band, The Rivalry. The music isn’t really my taste, but it does sound like the dude has some chops.


Thanks to MetalSucks Maniacs Jon Dolente for the tip about Rymer’s bio!

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