shifty shellshock crazytownThe time is nigh, my friends. VH1 declared ’90s nostalgia relevant way before its time, but now it’s almost 2010… and ’90s nu-metal nostalgia is starting to creep into mainstream culture on a more organic level. Aside from shitstains like Hollywood Undead seemingly arriving via time-warp and stalwarts like (hed)p.e. completely neglecting the passage of an entire decade (punk, dude!), the generally on-point Sergeant D of Metal Inquisition posted a retroview of Crazytown’s entire discography over the holidays. This is the man who consistently pays non-ironic tributes to Nitro, and anyone who loves Nitro non-ironically is A-ok in our book.

But yo son, for realz: Crazytown?

Crazytown were the epitome of major-label, big-budget bandwaggon-hopping during the late ’90s rap-rock explosion. Their biggest hit was based around a Red Hot Chili Peppers sample for chrissakes. Shifty Shellshock was shown smoking crack in an alleyway on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab just one year ago. Crazytown was the worst of the worst. And here we have a respectable blogger singing their praises in a completely non-ironic way:

I have come to terms with the fact that I seriously like Crazytown. At first I thought it would be funny to listen to them as a post-ironic bit, like “Hay guyz I like the absolute worst band on the planet, look at me!” And it is pretty funny in that context. But like I said earlier, I turned the corner, and I honestly like their music. I seriously think their first album is really catchy and fun and I am kind of mad that I never saw them live.

I guess it just goes to prove the old saying: all you need is one big hit to have a career for a lifetime. Stick around long enough and trends are sure to shift back in your favor; just ask Poison, Rick Astley or Vanilla Ice. Ok, maybe not Vanilla Ice. But if we’re talking about a ’90s nu-metal/rap-rock revival, the very first place I’ll look is to Crazytown; surely there’s an army of suburban midwestern dude-bros with tribal tats that just can’t WAIT to bust out those old warm-up pants and Adidas sneakers from their closet. It might not be time just yet, but you wait…


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