Last month my man Vince posted a video of Rusty Cooley shredding like no one has ever shredded before; then, yesterday, the dudes in All Shall Perish said in their interview with Sammy that Rusty “is, hands down, one of the best guitarists on earth.”

Well, I didn’t really know that much about Cooley, so I decided to do some homework and check out his band, Outworld, to see what he was like in a band situation where he’d have to play an actual song rather than just scales (at an admittedly super human speed). As it turns out, Outworld are pretty good – although I’m not over the moon about their vocalist, who I think borders on a parody of a good power metal glass-breaker. Still, I leave it to our beloved peanut gallery to have the last word…

Here’s Outworld’s “Warcry.”


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