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The New York Press, a.k.a. NYC’s free weekly paper that isn’t The Village Voice, has a cover story this week on Duff’s, a.k.a. the best metal bar in New York, if not the entire world. That’s right: the bar is not buried on page 46 or whatever, it’s on the friggin’ cover.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“‘Welcome to Duff’s,’ says Jimmy Duff, the dive’s stupendously goateed, hearse-driving owner. He sidles up to the bar, as white as a Republican convention, bends his inked arms and surveys the snake-skinny room: slasher-flick posters, an Elvis bust, autographed memorabilia and DJ booth turned demented shrine to B-movie monsters and Duff’s septuagenarian mascot, former customer Dancin’ Dominick—a deceased postal worker who loved drinking and arthritis-defying gyrations.”

I haven’t been back to Duff’s since they moved locations late last year, but this story gets me itchin’ to go get my PBR on.

You can read the rest of the NY Press’ story here. And while you’re over there, check out their “Amon Amarth for President” piece, too. And you might as well hit up Duff’s official website – they’ve got photos and interviews and lots of other noteworthy shit.


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