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I don’t know why, but every time I hear a new Chimaira song, I’m consistently surprised by how heavy it is. I mean, the band has said they don’t wanna make radio-friendly drivel, the band has no history of making radio-friendly drivel, and their shit is consistently heavy as fuck. Yet, somehow, it’s as though my subconscious just won’t let me accept the fact that these dudes aren’t full of shit, and when they say they don’t wanna make auto-tuned good cop/bad cop crap they mean it.

So: I don’t know how I missed it, but Chimaira have started a new viral website,, to promote their forthcoming new album, entitled – duh – The Infection. And the site has at least one readily available thirty second clip of new music right now. And, oh yeah – it’s fucking Brutal with a capital “B.”

The way website works is this: users upload photos related to Chimaira, The Infection, and spreading news about the infection; in return, they get a code to download a new audio clip. (My personal favorite photo so far: someone stenciled the Infection logo on their dog. Seriously.)

The first code has now been made publicly available on for those of us who are too lazy to upload a photo:


Type it in here to get a chance to groove on an all-too-short sample clip of the song “The Venom Inside.”

The Infection will be released on April 21 via Ferret here in the States and Nuclear Blast everywhere else. As far as I’m concerned, April can’t get here fast enough.


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