Laugh At Others' Misfortunes


  • Axl Rosenberg


In a statement, Machine Head main man Robb Flynn has revealed that he and Machine Head bassist Adam Duce have entered couples’ therapy.

To wit:

“Adam and I have been going to therapy. Yep… going to therapy, to work out our bullshit. And oh how we *needed* to do this… lemme tell ya, after 17 years of being in a band together, touring together for a large majority of that time, we’ve accumulated a lot of shit between the two of us that’s either been put off or swept under the rug, and frankly, it all reached a boiling point on the first night in Paris on the Slipknot tour. To summarize briefly, after a massive two-day-long fight, I quit the band. I was gonna be on a plane the next day and as far as I was concerned, I was never gonna see the dude again for the rest of my life. That next day he came by, and we agreed to try and sort it out… to try therapy before it all fell apart. Because it was falling apart. We agreed that the band meant more to us, that our friendship meant more to us, and that neither was something the two of us (four of us, for that matter) wanted to lose. All in all, it’s going okay. We both bring a LOT of baggage to the table, as, frankly, we’re both pretty fucked up. While it isn’t new for me (I did two years of fairly intensive therapy back ’98, and more before The Blackening), it is new to him, and we still have a lot of work ahead of us…. but, we’re working at it. We don’t want to lose this, and after all we’ve been through, to lose this band, our friendship, now, would seem like the hugest of failures.”

I know I took a cheap shot in this post’s opening, but seriously, I can’t fault anyone for being in therapy; fuck, I’ve been in therapy for ten fucking years (If you think I’m a prick now, you should’ve known me before I started seeing a shrink). That being said, I know Machine Head are currently on tour with Metallica and may be feeling inspired by the example that band set in Some Kind of Monster. So I’d like to offer Misters Flynn and Duce some advice:

  1. Please hire a licensed therapist, not some penis in an ugly sweater with no actual degree in the field.
  2. Please don’t invite Logan Mader to any sessions for the sake of gaining “closure.”
  3. Please don’t film the sessions.

Other than that, have fun dudes!


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