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Josh Freese e-mailed music biz guru Bob Lefsetz to give a somewhat more in-depth explanation of the awesome, hilarious package deals he’s offering for his new solo album, Since 1972. Once again, I’m just gonna go ahead and print this in its entirety, since Josh does just fine without me adding my two cents…

Hi Bob! How are ya? Just wanted to drop in and say THANKS for giving my wacky little album promotion thing a thumbs up in your blog the other day. I’m glad that you appreciated the creative, fun, DIY aspect to it. I’m proud of it and got a kick out of putting it all together. I’m happy that some folks (such as yourself) dug it and are talking about it. That’s all I could’ve hoped for. I mean…I’m no dummy and I don’t expect anyone to purchase some of the ridiculously expensive “packages” that I am offering. BUT so far what I wanted to happen HAS happened…people have taken notice and are now talking about it. As for my upcoming record, I paid for it myself and I am putting it out myself (isn’t everybody these days?) and really just wanted to do something wacky and different that wouldn’t cost much. I hired a publicist to spread the word and to get me a few interviews but that’s all the “marketing” that is being done really. My record’s just a pop rock record of songs I’ve written and I sing and play everything on it (for the most part.)

I am 100% serious though in delivering on any of the packages that are purchased. That’s half the fun…if not ALL THE FUN! If someone buys “lunch at PF Changs” or a “private tour of Disneyland” or (the one you liked) “miniature golfing with me, Mark Mothersbaugh and Maynard James Keenan” then you better believe that I will get it together, do it AND film it for youtube posting! Everyone I pulled in on this one have signed off and are prepared IN CASE it goes down. The one I really hope someone gets is when I write a song about them to put up on iTunes or better yet (the more expensive version) when I write a 5 or 6 song EP about the purchaser and market it on iTunes and all over the web…just like a real record. It would be a REAL RECORD after all! Anyhow, we’ll see what happens. In the end, if it just grabs someone’s attention and they go to my site and shell out 7 bucks for the digital download…well, I’d be happy with that. I do hope to get up to takers on the weird stuff though and then document and post it. I’ll let ya know how it goes. Hell, how about you and me hit the ol’ “Sensory deprivation tank” and then have dinner at Sizzler!

Thanks again,


P.S. Here’s my latest “commercial” that I put together in iMovie on my lap-top and posted today. I even got my old pal who does most of the AM radio commercial spots here in LA to narrate it! [See above. – Ed.]



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