whiplashHello Metalsuckers. WHIPLASH! round 2. It’s 5am Thursday, I’m in L.A. about to head to Burbank airport to catch a flight to NYC for the start of our U.S. tour next week. I’ve got a couple minutes before I go so I thought I’d pop in real quick and give you an update. We’ve spent the past week practicing some new songs off of our upcoming full length that we will be playing on this tour. I got into the habit a couple of years ago of filming practice sessions, as in just turning a little camera on and setting it in the corner during practices. It’s an easy way to record jam sessions plus it adds the visual element which can be an interesting little extra layer when listening back. Anyway, I had a camera running this week during one of our practices and have uploaded a little clip of one of our new songs called “By the Serpent’s Breath You Seethe” for your viewing pleasure:

Speaking of cameras, we did a photoshoot last week here in Los Angeles with Angela Boatwright. She’s a good friend of the band, an amazing photographer and a huge true metal fan. What more could you ask for? What’s that? You’re asking if she too has a blog? Of course you fucking idiot, EVERYONE has a blog. It’ll actually be mandatory in 2011 that all U.S. citizens have a blog of some sort. But back to the point. Angela’s blog, which includes many great candid Early Man tour photos can be found HERE. And while we’re at it, here’s a picture of Angela taking a picture of us at the Griffith Observatory. Dude, it’s so deep:


early man boatwright

Well, looks like my limo bummed friend is here to pick me up. I gotta jet. Literally. But before I go here’s your reminder that we will be touring the U.S. starting this upcoming Monday, March 2nd with the band Red Fang. If your city is on the list, come on out and have a beer or 12 with us. We’ll go crazy. Then the next day we can blog all about it. It’s gonna rule. Oh yes, I almost forgot, I didn’t have enough time to answer any questions yet, but I’ll get around to that on the next post so keep sending them in to: whiplash AT metalsucks DOT net. You ask them, I’ll answer them via video response. Questions can range from dating advice to who played the piano in Changes by Black Sabbath and anything in between. I’ll answer them all. Later!


TOUR DATES (More To Come):
Mar 2 2009 Hoboken NJ – Maxwell’s
Mar 3 2009 Philadelphia PA – Khyber
Mar 4 2009 New York NY – The Studio at Webster Hall
Mar 5 2009 Washington DC – DC9
Mar 6 2009 Columbus OH – Ravari Room
Mar 7 2009 Cleveland OH – Grog Shop
Mar 8 2009 Richmond VA – Nara Sushi
Mar 9 2009 Charlotte NC – The Milestone
Mar 10 2009 Asheville NC – Stella Blue
Mar 11 2009 Raleigh NC – The Pour House
Mar 12 2009 Atlanta GA – Drunken Unicorn
Mar 13 2009 Orlando FL – Backbooth
Mar 14 2009 Tampa FL – Crowbar
Mar 16 2009 Birmingham AL – Cave 9
Mar 18 2009 Denton TX – Denton TX
Mar 19 2009 Austin TX (SXSW) – The Ale House (The End Records Showcase)
Mar 24 2009 Tucson AZ – Plush
Mar 29 2009 San Diego CA – The Casbah

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