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andrew w.k.Is “Andrew W.K.” a sham, a carefully constructed record label concoction played by several different actors? Was the hard-partying, bloody-nosed screamer a faceless ploy to sell records? According to a fascinating piece sent in by long-time MS Maniac Elijah T., there is indisputable evidence supporting this claim.

The website that published the piece is dubious at best; it’s hosted on a free website platform, the author’s name isn’t listed, and there are myriad typos and a general rambling lack of focus. But the photo evidence does seem to tell the story; there’s no doubt about the fact that the dudes in various different “Andrew W.K.” photos (above) are not one in the same. There’s also the involvement of a mysterious guy named Steev Mike who may or may not be Andrew W.K., and a management deal gone bad that prevents “Andrew W.K.” from releasing new music in the U.S. It’s all pretty confusing, and though a quick google search shows several rumor-mongering sites and discussion boards on the matter, I can’t find much info anywhere that offers a definitive statement.

Maybe some of our industry readers can shed light on the matter. Comment, or if you’d like to go off the record email us at news [at] metalsucks [dot] net. The truth must be known!

In the meantime, here’s Andrew W.K. as we prefer to remember him, partying hard.


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