Beer Metal: Cross Examination, Gang Green, and More of Your Drunkest Song Suggestions


MetalSucks Presents Beer Metal – Updated Walpurgisnacht, 2022


Woof, I got fucking CRUSHED last night. I ate three bowls of my wife’s keto sugared cereal, and now my insides are trying to fucking murder me. Anyway, let’s start drinking again, I got lawn shit to do.

Here’s what we got this Saturday:

  • Cross Examination, “Arson Party Squad” – Peter S. suggested this, which is a cool move, because I fucking LOVE Cross Examination. Peter, skull one.
  • Ensiferum, “One More Magic Potion” – This one’s mine. Can’t believe I forgot it in the first place. I’ll do one.
  • Gang Green, “Alcohol” – Tom W. suggested this crossover gem. Fucking priceless. “I’d rather drink than fuck.” Amazing. Tom, vortex a High Life into you.
  • Trappist, “No Corporate Beer” – Michael K. wanted another Trappist song on here. I’m always down for that. Mike, do one.
  • Black Flag, “Six Pack” – Yeah, yeah, not metal, but still fuels the heavy drinking in a hostile way. A classic. I HOPE THE ANSWER DON’T UPSET HER!
  • Andrew W.K., “Party Til You Puke” – Lotta you been asking for stuff from I Get Wet. So yeah, here you go, you animals. Boot and rally.
  • Hank III, “Crazed Country Rebel” – Also not metal, but always makes me wanna get super fucked up, so it’s on here. One for me.

I’m gonna go drop my sixth deuce of the day and then have a breakfast shandy. Good luck with everything you got going on, and don’t forget to e-mail us at [email protected] with more drinking song suggestions. Do it while you’re WASTED, and really loving on some dumbass song.

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