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  • Axl Rosenberg


Something is brewing in the IWRESTLEDABEARONCE camp. My once-favorite unsigned band (can’t call ’em that anymore ’cause now they’re signed!) has now launched a website where you can currently hear a clip from a radio show where – no shit – they play IWABO’s “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon” for… KEVIN FUCKING BACON. Man, I would have loved to be in the room when that happened. “Swell,” Bacon thinks to himself. “First Bernie Madoff, now this.”

Even better: unless I’m way off base here, I’m 99.9% sure that that’s a brand new studio version of “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon,” different from the one we’ve all heard before. And it kicks major ass – I mean, I loved the old version, but to hear it now with a real drummer and such killer production values… man, it brings a tear to my eyes.

And betterest still: the website is counting down to… I have no fucking idea what, but I’m hoping the announcement of an album title and release date. I’ve been trying to get someone in Camp IWABO to tell me something, play me something, feed me some little tidbit, but they are keeping security tighter than Gene Simmons’ last facelift.

But, whatever! I can’t wait for this album, and all the foreplay means the love makin’ will just be that much sweeter. Check back here in three days and hopefully we’ll know more!

Check out the website.


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